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"Bookkeeping in About an Hour"
by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian

"Bookkeeping in About an Hour provides one 'tried and true' method of gathering the applicable documents, receipts and other information to preserve, claim and be able to back up tax deductions and credits reported on your business tax return. Without these records, your accounting system will be set to fail. By using Bookkeeping in About an Hour, you will be on your way to having complete tax records so that missed expenses and tax deductions will be a thing of the past!”

- Tax Attorney Scott M. Estill, J.D. (Former IRS Senior Trial Attorney)
Founder and Managing Partner of the Estill and Long, LLC Law Firm
Denver, Colorado

• 45 Pages
• Full-Color
• 8.5" x 11" Format
• Complete Income and Expense Reports
• Office Expense Reports
• 1099 Independent Contractor and Salary Reports
• Equipment Expense Reports
• Airplane, Boat, Trailer and Vehicle Expense Reports
• Business Expense Reports
• Profit and Loss Reports
• Weekly Per-Diem Records
• Company Per-Diem Records
• Information for Your Tax Preparer
• Free 160 Verifiable Corporate Tax Deductible Items
• Bonus 93 Verifiable Medical Expense Deductions


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Books by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian
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