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Dominican Republic
Citizenship with Passport

The Dominican Republic is one of the least expensive jurisdictions in the world in which to obtain Citizenship. Regulations accepting new applicants are easily met upon good, drug-free health and a clean police record. The Dominican Republic is a founding member of the United Nations enjoying unrestricted trade relationships with the United States, the European Union and most, if not all, of Africa and Asia. Applicants are required to travel the the nearest Dominican Republic Consulate and, upon contingent approval, visit the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to submit their legal documentation and take a mandatory government medical test. After completing this initial process applicants shall wait 6 months and, upon provisional approval, may proceed for citizenship by naturalization, investment, rentista or retiree. Household items may then be imported duty-free and residents may begin living and working in the Dominican Republic. The government does not require physical residency in the Dominican Republic during the remainder of the application process nor after Citizenship is granted. Whether you wish to live and work in the Dominican Republic or would enjoy an excuse to travel to the Caribbean a few times to obtain dual Citizenship, the Dominican Republic is an attractive and inexpensive country in which to obtain a second passport.

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