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Citizenship by Naturalization

The Belize Citizenship by Naturalization program is a straight-forward process. Upon entering Belize, tourists may extend their 30-day visit by going to the immigrations department once a month and paying a small fee (generally $50 to $100 BZD per person) to remain in country for an additional 30 days. This process may be repeated for twelve consecutive months until such persons shall be eligible to apply for permanent residency after having remained in Belize for 50 out of 52 weeks during the year from their date of arrival. Belize immigration fees for permanent residency permits vary based on the applicant’s current country of citizenship. Individuals may also secure a work visa at anytime by either being sponsored by a local business (if the position is not filled by a Belizean national) or by forming their own Belize Local Company and hiring themselves, if approved by the authorities. After having lived in Belize for a total of five years, individuals are eligible for naturalization and may apply for citizenship and a passport at that time. The six (6) year Belize Citizenship by Naturalization program is not available to Indian or Asian nationals.

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