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St Kitts and Nevis
Citizenship by Investment

The Citizenship by Investment program is sanctioned by the government of St Kitts & Nevis and has been in existence since 1984 making it one of the most well-established programs of its kind in the world. St Kitts & Nevis citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenship and the acquisition of such citizenship is not reported to any other countries. Passports issued from St Kitts & Nevis enable visa-free travel to more than 125 countries and territories worldwide, including the European Union and the United Kingdom. Although the government of St Kitts & Nevis has ceased granting Citizenship by Investment directly to Iranian residents, applications from Iranian citizens holding residency in another jurisdiction shall be accepted. Full citizenship in St Kitts & Nevis may be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on to future generations by decent. St Kitts & Nevis citizens are not liable for any personal taxation whatsoever as there are no capital gains tax, no gift tax, no income tax, no inheritance tax, and no wealth tax.

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