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Residency to Citizenship

Swiss Residency to Citizenship is a process of great interest to many business persons and their families who wish to take advantage of the excellent quality of life in Switzerland, centralized location for European travel, low Federal and Cantonal taxation (i.e. no capital gains taxes), protection of wealth and assets, and other ‘safe haven’ benefits including outstanding personal and financial security for its citizenry. For persons desiring to establish a company in Switzerland, and be employed by that company, to take up residency requires obtaining a work permit issued by the Cantonal Migration Authorities in the relevant canton. Work permits can be issued to EU/EFTA citizens (European Union / European Free Trade Association) and non EU/EFTA citizens (referred to as 3rd States) based respectively on the applicant’s qualifications and availability of other qualifying Swiss applicants suitable for the position. Cantons may also accept residency applications based on a person’s willingness and ability to make a sizable financial investment into Switzerland and/or retired persons (ages 55 and over) not taking up gainful employment, who are able to support themselves financially and continue to make ‘lump-sum’ tax payments annually. Swiss passports generally require you to live in Switzerland for no less than 10 years.

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