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Commonwealth of Dominica
Economic Citizenship

The Commonwealth of Dominica government established the acquisition of citizenship under Chapter VII, Section 101 of their Constitution. Section 8 of the 1978 Citizenship Act allowed for citizenship to be acquired upon meeting various requirements including the establishment of residency in Dominica. Later, under Section 20 of the amended Citizenship Act in 1991, such residency requirements were removed and Economic Citizenship was introduced to individuals and families of good character with the financial means to meet the government established cost. The current application process includes a mandatory interview which can be conducted in the Commonwealth of Dominica or another jurisdiction of choice. Although persons granted citizenship are ultimately published in the local “Official Gazette” as required by law, the Commonwealth of Dominica respects the privacy of applicants and no foreign government or authority is notified or informed that an application has been submitted or is under review. An English speaking country, Dominica is an attractive locality in which to obtain dual citizenship as passport holders maintain a positive international reputation with over 100 countries worldwide accepting Dominica nationals. Applications for dual citizenship in Dominica are processed and second passports are generally made available to approved applicants within 2-3 months.

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